Sunday, November 16, 2014



Another of my favorite stores for well-made, affordable clothing is Sn@tch. Not only can you often get Fatpacks of clothing for $200L, but they have riot vends, lucky boards, and a fishing area. I recently spent some time fishing for the Club Kid outfit because I was drawn to the feathered jacket - which I just now noticed I'm wearing the XL version of instead of XS, but I kind of like the way the over-sized version plays up the fluffy aspect. I know the coat can be purchased separately in a variety of colors, and I suspect most or all of the other outfit items can as well. The whole outfit is fabulous, but I wanted to show how the pieces can be mixed and matched with other items.

You can see the full Club Kid outfit over on the Sn@tch blog (scroll to the bottom of the post).


As you may have noticed, I sometimes wear items that are from my previous time in SL. To make my lindens stretch as far as possible, I try not to buy all new pieces for every outfit. At first, I wasn't going to do that for my blog posts, but I decided it would be good to show that some older items can still hold their own when worn with newer releases.


Eye Makeup: 19 - Temptress Eye Makeup (Teal) by Sn@tch
Long Earrings: 13 - Winona Earring (Teal) by Sn@tch
Jacket: 15 - Disco Fur Jacket (Teal) by Sn@tch
Top: 6 - Fusion Latex Top (Black) by Sn@tch


Hair: Nina - Raven by Exile ($1000L Fatpack)
Ears & Stud Earrings: Steking_ears_ver2 by Mandala ($497L)
Lipstick: Glossy Pout Lipstick - Deep - Plum by Pink Fuel ($250L Fatpack)
Piercing: Metal Mouth MESH Round Dermals - Silent Rage by Haus of Darcy ($75L/16pk)
Skin: Nellie 07 [Fair] Glow skin by LAQ ($1999L/10pk)
Eyes: Harley Quinn by Topazz (See This Post for Information)
Tattoo: Rasalhague - 50% by Letis Tattoo ($150L - Over 2 Years Old)
Ring: Devilisly in Love by Burroughs (Old Lucky Chair Item)
Hands: AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual by Slink ($450L)
Nails: Glitter Minerals *Slink* Manicure by La Boheme ($50L)
Belt: Gothic Cross Belly Chain by Twisted Rose (Over 2 Years Old)
Pants: Zipp Women's Leather Pants - Tucked by Lapointe & Bastchild ($599L)
Boots: Carissa Ankle Boots by Lapointe & Bastchild ($599L)

Poses: All Poses Are Over 2 Years Old

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Exiled BreadHeads


If you're a regular reader of my blog, you've probably noticed that I've only been wearing Exile hair since my return to SL. That's because I think their hair is, hands down, the best on the grid.

The mesh hairstyles are colored and streaked through the use of a HUD - allowing for more customization than ever before. These styles are marked “MESH+HUD” on the vendor, with new black bottles. (Every time I get one of these, I spend way too much time playing with all of the color options.) The sculpted styles (like Nina, the one I'm wearing here) don't have streaks and each color is a separate item instead of a HUD, but they're still gorgeous and fun to play with.

Prices are as follows:

"All or Nothing" Fatpack - $1250L
5pk of colors - $250
8pk of Fusion colors - $280L

"All or Nothing" Fatpack - $1000L
5pk of colors - $250

As I mentioned in my previous post, Exile currently has a mesh hairstyle in this month's Collabor88, where individual color packs are $88L and the fatpack is $888L. Please note that, while the sculpted hair can be edited, the mesh hair can't, so I recommend trying on the demos before making any purchases. (The mesh demos come with HUD demos for colors. Color demos for the sculpted hair are in the SE corner of the store. Your mini-map can help you locate them.)

I hope to do a post showcasing a few different Exile hairstyles at some point in the future, but that will have to wait until I get through my backlog of posts about all of the Lapointe & Bastchild gifts from my friend Orlando. Maybe I can even talk one of my friends into modeling some of their men's styles for my camera.


Speaking of a different kind of hair (the type that likes to cling to your clothing), this KittyCats display for their BreadHead "hats" for their cats is quite possibly the best retail display I've ever seen in an SL store. It's definitely the most amusing. Each slice of bread is $80L and comes in 4 different types (each sold separately).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



As promised in my sneak preview the other night, here's the second outfit I bought at Cirque de Seraphim. For just under $200L, you get all of the clothing items except the hat and tights. Both the bolero jacket and corset come in 5 sizes and fitted mesh versions and alpha layers so you can wear each item separately or together. The outfit also comes in a lovely white/gold version. Cirque de Seraphim runs through November 26th.


Don't even talk to me about that hat. It's beautiful, but I loathe adjusting prim items - especially when hair is involved. I was glad I'd chosen black hair for this outfit, because it hides the little places where the hair pokes through the hat a bit. The swoop of the hair in the front also helped with positioning, because it's so well-constructed that it looks like it's falling over the brim of the hat.

Speaking of hair, the style I'm wearing in these photos is Exile's contribution to this month's Collabor88. You can get each color group for $88L or the entire Fatpack for only $888L!. Why are you still here? Go grab some bargains!


Hat: She Loves Black Hat w/o Veil by LaGyo (Old Hunt Item)
Hair: Dancing Horses by Exile ($888L Fatpack at Collabor88 Nov 2014)
Skin: Nellie 07 - Fair - Glow Skin by LAQ ($1999L/10pk)
Eyeshadow 1: Star by Mons ($175L/5pk)
Eyeshadow 2: Electric Eyeshadow _ Red by La Boheme ($180L/10pk)
Lipstick: Glossy Pout Lipstick - Deep - Red by Pink Fuel ($250L/36pk)
Eyes: FATEeyes v3.0 by Fate ($395L on the Marketplace)
Eyelashes: Fantasy Curls by MiaSnow ($45L/2pk on the Marketplace)
Bolero, Corset, Shorts, & Boots: Ringmaster set - red by Sassy! @ Cirque de Seraphim ($195L)
Tights: Bow Seam Tights by Cannibelle ($70L/3pk w/ Slink Appliers)
Ring: Citrine Ring by *R+a* ($0L on Marketplace)
Nails: Funhouse *Slink* Manicure by La Boheme ($50L)
Hands: AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture by Slink ($450L)

Pose 1: Catrina 07 by Eternal Dream Poses ($40L)
Pose 2: Daphne Pose 5 R by Icons of Style ($15L)
Pose 3: Sexy Back 04 by Eternal Dream Poses ($40L)
Pose 4 & 5: Linger 09 by Eternal Dream Poses ($40L)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pile on the Light!

Pile on the Light!

Earlier this year, my friend Orky passed away unexpectedly and much too young. A few months before that, he gave me some advice that I will always carry with me. I've copy and pasted this directly from his message to me and left all formatting intact. It's long, but worth the read.


The main point is, move forward and don't dwell on the past. this is easier said than done, because events of the past tend to overshadow the present, and thus mitigate efforts to get over the past. the solution is to accumulate positive memories in order to negate memories of the past.

abstract scenario:imagine an overhead projector (you know, like the ones teachers used in math class in the 1980s)… a surface of light shining upward. this represents the love and happiness that you are given at the beginning of your life.

now imagine every day of your life represented by a thin sheet of plastic that is laid on top of this square of light, and on top of all other sheets of plastic.

Pile on the Light!

a day when nothing good or bad happened would be represented by a transparent sheet that allows most of the light to shine through from beneath.

a day when good things happened, that you remember fondly, emits its own light, augmenting the light that you started with.

a day when bad things happened, that you recall with lingering grief, is represented by an opaque sheet that blocks much of, or all, light beneath it.

Pile on the Light!

events of the recent past tend to affect one's mood on any given day, depending on the intensity of those events. think of the positivity of one's mood represented by the amount of light currently showing.

too many days of grief, followed by more grief, or neutrality (transparency) will yield very little light, regardless of how much light one started recover from a state of grief requires more than an absence of more grief. one needs to pile on several layers of light, or positive memories to counter the shadows of recent negative events.

i realize this is a somewhat simplistic theory, but: PILE ON THE LIGHT.


Working Overhead Projector by Floorplan ($175L)

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek 11.10.14

A sneak peek of the second outfit I got at Cirque de Seraphim. I hope to get the photoshoot done and post written in the next day or two.

Monday, November 10, 2014



I finally made it to Cirque de Seraphim the other night and, though I didn't buy a lot, I did go home with a few things that caught my fancy. The first item was this cropped sweater and slit skirt set by Goth1c0. They're another vendor who's been around since my rez day in 2006, and I was pleased to discover they're still in business. The outfit seemed like something my RL friend Lorelei would like so, even though she's not in SL, I decided to put together a look based on her style. I'd already had my eye on Schadenfreude's Alchemy Stacked Necklaces at this month's Collabor88 and, since I felt they'd go well with the outfit and also fit Lorelei's style, I patiently tried over and over to get to Collabor88 until, finally, the sim was no longer full and I could dash over and buy a few necklaces.


Cirque de Seraphim also yielded a lovely Slink compatible thigh and foot tattoo set from Pervette. (And a second outfit that I hope to blog very soon.) The skirt would probably fit better with heels but, to be honest, I liked the look of it so much while barefoot that I never even bothered to try on shoes with it.


The rings are ones I've had for a long time, but they're both still available (at least on the Marketplace). The eyes were a splurge but they come with a HUD that has an insane amount of customization options. At $395L, they actually feel like a bargain because I doubt I'll ever have to buy another pair of eyes again. I highly recommend grabbing the demo off of the Marketplace and then watching the demonstration video over on YouTube.

Hair: Locomotion by Exile ($1000L Fatpack)
Skin: Nellie 06 [Fair] Glow skin by LAQ ($1999L/10pk)
Eyeshadow: Electric Soft by La Boheme ($180L/10pk)
Lipstick & Teeth: Ink Lipstick - Teeth by Pink Fuel ($75L/4pk)
Eyes: FATEeyes v3.0 by Fate ($395L on the Marketplace)
Glasses: Nerd Glasses - Black by Voxxi ($10L on the Marketplace)
Piercing: Metal Mouth MESH Round Dermals - Silent Rage by Haus of Darcy ($75L/16pk)
Top & Skirt: The Moon Outfit by Goth1c0 @ Cirque de Seraphim ($169L)
Small Necklaces: Digital Alchemy Stacked Necklaces by Schadenfreude @ Collabor88 ($88L for each style in 7 lengths)
Large Necklace: Signature necklace 2013 - Gold by Lassitude & Ennui (Free)
Tattoos: The Deer and The Fox by Pervette @ Cirque de Seraphim ($120L)
Ring - Right Hand: Nebula by Kosh ($99L)
Ring - Left Hand: Foy Porter - Sapphire + Silver by Alchemy Immortalis ($99L)
Nails: Karma *Slink* Manicure & Pedicure by La Boheme ($50L)
Hands: AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual by Slink ($450L)
Feet: AvEnhance Feet Female - Flat by Slink ($675L)

Poses: Various poses included with Modeling Photo Studio S70 VH1.7 by Tricolore (Over 2 Years Old)

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek 11.08.14

Her name was Lorelei and in her dreams she rode fantastical beasts.

A sneak preview of the new look I'm in the midst of putting together.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Cirque de Seraphim

You have from now until the 26th of November to wander Cirque de Seraphim's 2 sims full of circus themed merchandise. Purchases of specially marked items will benefit the ASPCA and donations can be made at kiosks around the event.

Cirque de Seraphim - NOW OPEN

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

As I mentioned in last night's sneak peek post, I started working on putting together another outfit based on items from the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival, when I suddenly found myself wanting to look like a faerie. Once again, it all started with a new hair from Exile. When I realized how well this adorable new updo shows off my pointy ears, I immediately had visions of a glamorous elf in a slinky gown. I checked out the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival's website, found a dress that would suit my needs and could be obtained with one machine play, and hailed a cab.

Mother Nature

I then decided that I wanted to have more delicate ear decorations than the spiral horns of my trusty Changeling Ears by Schadenfreude, so I headed off to Mandala where I found these AMAZING ears! You get 2 sizes - long and short (I'm wearing the short) - with multiple appearance options. You can have plain ears with no decoration at all; choose between painted ear tips, feathers, and beads/studs - or have all three. (If there's a way to only change the options on one ear, I couldn't figure it out.) Additionally, you can change the color of the ear paint, and texture and glow settings of all of the jewelry.

Mother Nature

After splurging on my ears, I decided it was time to get frugal and sort through all of the gatcha duplicates my friends sent me upon my return to SL. I'm glad I did, because among them was this gorgeous headpiece by Miamai. The trio of hummingbirds hovering around the leaves made me feel like Mother Nature, so I poked around in my older inventory items and unearthed some Material Squirrel wings which still look beautiful. Finally, I went to La Boheme to take advantage of the 50% Off sale they're having on slink-compatible nail HUDs this weekend. (So the mani/pedi in this post only cost me $25L.)

Mother Nature

A quick search for a fantasy location for the photoshoot yielded Elven Forest, where I found the animated butterfly attachment and a set of rose vines that, should I choose, could wrap my entire right arm from fingertip to shoulder. A shopping expedition for poses which make it easy to photograph fingernails lead me to Infinity and their gatcha machine full of firefly jar animations, rounding out the theme of my shoot perfectly.

Hair: Check Out Time by Exile ($1000 Fatpack)
Headpiece w/ Hummingbirds: Faery Headpiece 03 - Emerald by Miamai (Older Gatcha Item)
Tiara: Magical Meaning Princess Tiara - Glow In Darkness by Pink Acid @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival ($50L)
Ears & Earrings: Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala ($777L) (Multi HUD)
Skin: Nellie 03 - Fair - Glow Skin by LAQ ($1999L/10pk)
Eyeshadow: Electric Eyeshadow _ Green by La Boheme ($180L/10pk)
Lipstick: Vermillion Lip Creme - Lip 2 by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics (Group Gift)
Eyes: Xpressive - Green Light by MiaSnow (Over 2 Years Old)
Tattoo: Ruck-A-Pit Bridge - Light by EtchaFlesh Tattoos (Over 2 Years Old)
Wings: Starlight Wings - Toxic Green by Material Squirrel (2012 Hunt Item)
Dress: Snow Queen Gown S - Forest by The Annex @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival ($50L)
Ring: Gianna by Burroughs (Over 2 Years Old)
Hands: AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual by Slink ($450L)
Feet: AvEnhance Feet Female - Flat by Slink ($675L)
Nails: Butterfly Wing by La Boheme ($50L)
Roses on Hand: Rose Gauntlet - Mixed Flirty by Southpaw ($200L/3 Color Fatpack)
Butterflies: by Spellworks ($50L) (Scripted Attachment)

Firefly Jar with Pose: . Fireflies - 4 by Infiniti ($50L In-Store Gatcha)
Other Poses: Most Wanted AO by Vista Animations ($1900L)

Location: Elven Forest


Because sometimes you just have to put bread on your cat.


Not only does Sam make me laugh by allowing me to do things my RL cats would flay me alive for, but she says random things like...

Sam I Am looks up at you wondering if you notice how cute she is.

Sam I Am: Hey, wanna take me out shopping?

Sam I Am: Where you been? I missed you!!

Sam I Am wonders if you realize how much she loves you!

Sam I Am: Hellooo, I am down here!

Sam I Am: Ezerbet, you make me happier than catnip!

Sam I Am: Hey Ezerbet, you look great from down here!

That last one was said after I'd put bread on her face. I should probably feel bad, but I don't regret it one bit.


Table: Octopus Table Marble - While by Trompe Loeil ($25L In-Store Gatcha)
Bread: BreadHead Hat - Wheat by KittyCats ($80L)
Sam I Am: by KittyCats

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peak

This is just a sneak peek of the new outfit I put together tonight. I started out with the intention of once again using mostly items from the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival, but I got a bit carried away. I guess I'm not done playing dress up after all.

Come back soon for more photos and all of the details of my look.