Wednesday, December 24, 2014

La Boheme Year End 60% Off Sale

La Boheme Year End 60% Off Sale

Big. Sale. The sign says it all.
Hopefully Santa put Linden Dollars in your stocking this year.

Be sure to nab the 10 freebies available in the shop, as well. A box is under the tree with a bronze ribbon (double gift), and four hunts of loot (double gifts). Hunt hints are in the treasure chest on the counter.

Over 350 Slink polish sets!
108 Belleza polish sets!*
Lots of tattoo layer cosmetic sets!

*The Belleza nail appliers will not be released until this sale.

Don't forget to join the shop's subscription for weekly news on freebies, events and new releases! Click the sign behind the counter.

La Boheme SLURL:

La Boheme on Flickr:

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Since the holidays are fast approaching, I've provided SL Marketplace links for your shopping ease. (Unfortunately, I won't be able to do this for all of my posts due to the extra time it requires.)

Lingerie: Poison Love - Poinsettia by Blacklace ($199L)
Boots: Holiday Boots by Deviance ($300L/5pk)
Necklace: "Oh" Christmas Tree by Two Sisters Treasures ($25L)
Hair: Dream of Paradise by Exile ($1250L Fatpack) - (DEMO available here.)
Hair Poinsettia: Poinsettia Hair Flower - Red by Rosa's Creations ($100L)
Lipstick: Matte Red 2 by La Boheme ($75L/10pk) - (DEMOS available here.)
Eyelashes: Fantasy Curls by MiaSnow ($45L/2pk)
Skin: Nellie 07 [Fair] Glow skin by LAQ ($1999L/10pk) (Only Available In-World)
Tattoos: Joan - Faded Coloured Ink by Cannibelle (No Longer Available)

Location Design by Orlando & Zaaf Gascoigne

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Boheme Beauty

As I've mentioned before, Santana Lumiere has been one of my favorite SL creators since I was just a wee little avatar back in 2006. When she was the sole creative force behind Nevermore, my home was filled with her furniture, my closets stuffed with her clothing, and my vanity covered in her makeup and nail polishes. These days, she's focusing solely on beauty and has renamed her brand La Boheme. Nails have been her primary focus for awhile now (I've previously blogged about her gorgeous Slink nails), so I was thrilled to hear she's expanding her eyeshadow line and is once again creating lipstick.

In addition to the high quality of Santana's work, there are two things that sets La Boheme above the rest...

1) Her eyeshadows and lipsticks are NOT skin tone specific, so you can wear them with the skin of your choosing. That said, avatar shape DOES matter, so it's a good idea to try the free demos before buying. Due to the No Transfer nature of the products, La Boheme has a No Refunds policy.

2) The prices. A new look from La Boheme isn't going to to empty your wallet. Not to mention the store regularly participates in hunts and gatcha events. In fact, there are currently 5 hunt items in her store, one of which is a gatcha hunt item filled with sparkly fae-like face paints. The regular hunt items are $0L or $1L each and the gatcha item is $25L per play. (Click on the treasure chest on the front counter for hunt hints.) As if that wasn't enough, every week in December Santa Santana is putting new freebie items beneath her Christmas tree, just look for the packages with the bronze ribbons. Here's an slurl so you can pop right over to the store and grab all of the goodies:

Below is a small sampling of the items that are already available in-store. Most of them are fairly dramatic because I wanted to show you the new Feline Instinct collection of eyeshadows and some of the Glam style lipsticks. Santana tells me there are more eyeshadows on the way as well as gloss versions of her lip colors, and I can not wait until they hit the shelves! Details are listed with the eyeshadow first and then the lipstick. As always, prices can be found at the bottom of the post.

Boheme Beauty 1

1) Bare Skin without Makeup
2) Feline Instinct 1 & Matte Aubergine 3
3) Feline Instinct 4 & Matte Wine 2

Boheme Beauty 2

1) Feline Instinct 6 & Matte Redwood 2
2) Feline Instinct 3 & Matte Glam Leopard 2
3) Feline Instinct 9 & Matte Glam T-Shape 4

Boheme Beauty 3

1) Feline Instinct 8 & Matte Glam T-Shape 5
2) Feline Instinct 7 & Matte Glam Leopard 6
3) Feline Instinct 2 & Matte Redwood 3

Boheme Beauty 6

I also want to show you some of La Boheme's less-dramatic makeup. Once again, I've started with a photo of me in the barest version of my favored skin (see above).

Boheme Beauty 4

1) Electric Eyeshadow - Coal & Matte Red 3
2) Electric Soft Eyeshadow - Chocolate & Matte Redwood 4

Boheme Beauty 5

1) Electric Soft Eyeshadow - Pewter & Matte Wine 6
2) Electric Eyeshadow - Pink & Matte Aubergine 8

Feline Instinct Eyeshadow: $75L for a pack of 10 colors
Matte Lipsticks: $75L for a pack of 10 colors
Electric Eyeshadows and Electric Soft Eyeshadows: $25L each or $180 for a pack of 10 colors
Hair: Kissing Strangers by Exile ($888 Fatpack at Collabor88) (Individual color packs are $88L)
Skin: Nellie 02 [Fair] Glow skin by LAQ ($1999L/10pk)
Eyes: FATEeyes v3.0 by Fate ($395L on the Marketplace)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Orange is the New Blog

Alex Vause

RL has been kicking my butt something fierce, leaving me with little time for SL and no time at all for this blog. However, tonight I found myself with a bit of time to kill before an SL movie night with friends, so I popped over to see what this month's Collabor88 had to offer. As usual, there were many cute items, but I was most pleased to see a new hairstyle by Exile.

I was wearing my glasses when I tried on the demo, and immediately thought "OMG! I look like Alex Vause!" When I mentioned it to Kavar Cleanslate, the genius behind Exile, and he admitted he's also a fan of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, I immediately began to quietly scheme.

I popped over to the Marketplace and found this super affordable tan prison uniform by Inscribed. (They also offer an orange set if you want to rock the new inmate look.) The top and pants are one mesh piece that comes in 4 sizes, and the long-sleeved white undershirt is a system item that's worn on the shirt layer. (The ad shows a black undershirt, but the item is actually white, which matches the outfits in the show.) It also comes with a prim badge that's texture change, containing the IDs for Vause, Chapman, Crazy Eyes, Nichols, and Pennastucky. (You can also IM or send a notecard to the creator for a PSD file to create your own custom badge.)

I then grabbed a background image from ye olde interwebs, popped down to the photo studio in my basement, and started shooting. Now if I could only find me a Nichols.

Hair: Kissing Strangers by Exile ($888 Fatpack at Collabor88) (Individual color packs are $88L)
Skin: Nellie 03 [Fair] Glow skin by LAQ ($1999L/10pk)
Eyes: FATEeyes v3.0 by Fate ($395L on the Marketplace)
Clothing: OITNB Scrubs - Tan by Inscribed ($100L on the Marketplace)
Glasses: Nerd Glasses - Black by Voxxi ($10L on the Marketplace)
Hands: AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual by Slink ($450L)

Sunday, November 30, 2014


RL has thrown a variety of things in my path which have been keeping me away from SL and this blog, but I did find time to get Sam I Am a new hat. ($100L at the KittyCats mainstore.)

Sunday, November 16, 2014



Another of my favorite stores for well-made, affordable clothing is Sn@tch. Not only can you often get Fatpacks of clothing for $200L, but they have riot vends, lucky boards, and a fishing area. I recently spent some time fishing for the Club Kid outfit because I was drawn to the feathered jacket - which I just now noticed I'm wearing the XL version of instead of XS, but I kind of like the way the over-sized version plays up the fluffy aspect. I know the coat can be purchased separately in a variety of colors, and I suspect most or all of the other outfit items can as well. The whole outfit is fabulous, but I wanted to show how the pieces can be mixed and matched with other items.

You can see the full Club Kid outfit over on the Sn@tch blog (scroll to the bottom of the post).


As you may have noticed, I sometimes wear items that are from my previous time in SL. To make my lindens stretch as far as possible, I try not to buy all new pieces for every outfit. At first, I wasn't going to do that for my blog posts, but I decided it would be good to show that some older items can still hold their own when worn with newer releases.


Eye Makeup: 19 - Temptress Eye Makeup (Teal) by Sn@tch
Long Earrings: 13 - Winona Earring (Teal) by Sn@tch
Jacket: 15 - Disco Fur Jacket (Teal) by Sn@tch
Top: 6 - Fusion Latex Top (Black) by Sn@tch


Hair: Nina - Raven by Exile ($1000L Fatpack)
Ears & Stud Earrings: Steking_ears_ver2 by Mandala ($497L)
Lipstick: Glossy Pout Lipstick - Deep - Plum by Pink Fuel ($250L Fatpack)
Piercing: Metal Mouth MESH Round Dermals - Silent Rage by Haus of Darcy ($75L/16pk)
Skin: Nellie 07 [Fair] Glow skin by LAQ ($1999L/10pk)
Eyes: Harley Quinn by Topazz (See This Post for Information)
Tattoo: Rasalhague - 50% by Letis Tattoo ($150L - Over 2 Years Old)
Ring: Devilisly in Love by Burroughs (Old Lucky Chair Item)
Hands: AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual by Slink ($450L)
Nails: Glitter Minerals *Slink* Manicure by La Boheme ($50L)
Belt: Gothic Cross Belly Chain by Twisted Rose (Over 2 Years Old)
Pants: Zipp Women's Leather Pants - Tucked by Lapointe & Bastchild ($599L)
Boots: Carissa Ankle Boots by Lapointe & Bastchild ($599L)

Poses: All Poses Are Over 2 Years Old

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Exiled BreadHeads


If you're a regular reader of my blog, you've probably noticed that I've only been wearing Exile hair since my return to SL. That's because I think their hair is, hands down, the best on the grid.

The mesh hairstyles are colored and streaked through the use of a HUD - allowing for more customization than ever before. These styles are marked “MESH+HUD” on the vendor, with new black bottles. (Every time I get one of these, I spend way too much time playing with all of the color options.) The sculpted styles (like Nina, the one I'm wearing here) don't have streaks and each color is a separate item instead of a HUD, but they're still gorgeous and fun to play with.

Prices are as follows:

"All or Nothing" Fatpack - $1250L
5pk of colors - $250
8pk of Fusion colors - $280L

"All or Nothing" Fatpack - $1000L
5pk of colors - $250

As I mentioned in my previous post, Exile currently has a mesh hairstyle in this month's Collabor88, where individual color packs are $88L and the fatpack is $888L. Please note that, while the sculpted hair can be edited, the mesh hair can't, so I recommend trying on the demos before making any purchases. (The mesh demos come with HUD demos for colors. Color demos for the sculpted hair are in the SE corner of the store. Your mini-map can help you locate them.)

I hope to do a post showcasing a few different Exile hairstyles at some point in the future, but that will have to wait until I get through my backlog of posts about all of the Lapointe & Bastchild gifts from my friend Orlando. Maybe I can even talk one of my friends into modeling some of their men's styles for my camera.


Speaking of a different kind of hair (the type that likes to cling to your clothing), this KittyCats display for their BreadHead "hats" for their cats is quite possibly the best retail display I've ever seen in an SL store. It's definitely the most amusing. Each slice of bread is $80L and comes in 4 different types (each sold separately).